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Solitaire Chess. Its not chess, but uses the rules of chess to help you learn the game or sharpen your skills. Solitaire Chess takes the best part of the gameeliminating your opponents piecesand makes it the goal of this fun and fast-paced logic puzzle. Your problem-solving and sequential logic skills are put to the test as you plan your strategy to eliminate all of the pieces from the game board except one, using only traditional chess moves. Includes 60 beginner- to expert-level challenges, 10 chess pieces, and a storage bag. How to play: You start with 10 chess piecestwo each of the Knight, Rook, Pawn and Bishop, one each of the King and Queenand 60 challenges. Choose a challenge card and set up the chess pieces on the board as indicated. Then, using the rules of chess to plan your strategy, move the pieces one by one to capture the other pieces. When only one piece remains on the board, you win! Once youve solved a challenge, move on to the next, more difficult one. Ages 8 to adult. Learn chessor deepen your strategic understanding of the gamewith Solitaire Chess from Brookstone. Order today!

Technical Details

- A strategic twist on a timeless classic
- 20 double-sided challenge cards (40 challenges) and 10 chess pieces
- Game board
- Game-go bag
- Learning skills: Logical deduction, spatial reasoning and critical thinking
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