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Our lowest priced and best value tournament size chessmen and board set. It includes our solid plastic black and cream chess pieces with a tournament sized 3.75" king with two extra queens in the event you are a good enough player to promote a pawn into an extra queen. Pieces have green felted bottoms and come packaged in heavy zip lock bags. Our green and cream vinyl roll-up board with 2.25" squares includes algebraic notation for game analysis. The perfect chess set for tournaments and classrooms looking for a tournament size chess set and board at the lowest price on Amazon! These plastic Staunton chess pieces are a perfect combination of beauty, price and durability. Every set is made of the best quality plastic and displays exquisite design and workmanship. This set meets the World Chess Federation's (FIDE) height, weight, and proportions standards for tournament play. It is standard within the chess community to call these "Solid Plastic" because they are NOT hollowed-out. These are plastic filled except for a very small space where a weight would fit, but the remaining piece is plastic filled. These are not the hollow plastic pieces that are very light weight that are available for sale for beginners. The plastic fill gives them a heavier, sturdier feel than a hollowed-out set of plastic chess pieces. These are not "weighted" and are not advertised to be weighted. The total weight of the chess pieces is approximately 1 lb. as described in the product features section.

Technical Details

- Best Value Tournament Chess Set - Green Roll-Up Board
- Sturdy Plastic Chessmen with a 3 3/4" King - Collectively Weigh Approx. 1 lb.
- 34 Tournament Chess Pieces (2 Extra Queens)
- Green Vinyl Chess Board Includes Algebraic Notation for Game Analysis
- 19 3/4" Board with 2 1/4" Squares
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Buy Best Value Tournament Chess Set - Filled Chess Pieces and Green Roll-Up Vinyl Chess Board Now